Leadership Council | 24-7
The People’s Filibuster for Gun Safety
352 days 10 hours 42 minutes 26 seconds
The People's Filibuster for Gun Safety
352 days 10 hours 42 minutes 26 seconds



Leadership Council

24-7 is a platform for Americans across differences to share from the heart why they believe Congress must take meaningful action for gun safety. Our Leadership Council members have an essential job: to help issue that invitation, spreading the word to the hundreds of millions of Americans who say they no longer will tolerate the status quo.

These leaders are among America’s greatest amplifiers and ambassadors for gun safety and/or for the power of citizens to change their country for the better. And they are all believers in the spirit of common purpose over demonization and peddling hate over hope as the way to get the job done. Given the unprecedented outpouring of cross-divide support for action, we are not surprised that this list grows by the day.

Danielle Allen
Michael Alter
Peter Ambler
Nisha Anand
Nazanin Ash
Melody Barnes
Georges Benjamin
Jim Bildner
John Bridgeland
Reverend Cornell Brooks
Geraldine Brooks
Kris Brown
Michael Brown
Gretchen Buchenholz
Antionette Carroll
Ray Chambers
Peter Chernin
Gerald Chertavian
Jerry L. Clayton
Abbey Clements
Sarah Clements
James E. Copple
Jaclyn Corin
Caroline Croft
Shawn Dove
Geralyn White Dreyfous
Joshua DuBois
Arne Duncan
Warrick Dunn
Jonah Edelman
Gary Edson
Brandon Farbstein
John Feinblatt
Leon Ford
Jeffrey Franco
Mike Gerson
Jonathan Greenblatt
Joseph Grogan
Stephen Heintz
Simon Helberg
Paul Helmke
Nicole Hockley
Renée’s Hopkins
Arianna Huffington
Greg Jackson
Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C.
Derrick Johnson
Van Jones
Tracie Keesee
Kerry Kennedy
Lauren Birchfield Kennedy
Joe Kennedy III
Alan Khazei
Chi Kim
Dr. Bernice A. King
Clifton Kinnie
Vanessa Kirsch
Nancy Lieberman
Stanley Litow
Matt Littman
Eric Liu
Daniel Lubetzky
Tianna Madison
Gerardo Marquez
Lauren McCann
General Stanley McChrystal
Emanuel “Boo” Milton
Arian Moayed
Tulaine Montgomery
Lashauntya Moore
Marc Morial
Cecilia Munoz
Janet Murgia
Po Murray
Shauna Nep
Deval Patrick
Marlon Peterson
Susan Rahr
Charles “Chuck” Ramsey
Robert Randolph
Ron Rordam
John Rosenthal
Michelle Sandberg
Kathleen Sebelius
Phyllis Segal
Billy Shore
Maria Shriver
Tim Shriver​
Richard Small
Anthony D. Smith
DeForest B. Soaries, Jr.
Mary Ellen Sprenkel
Willie “Prophet” Stiggers
Rose Styron
Kathleen Kennedy Townsend
Mark Updegrove
Jaime Ernesto Uzeta
John Valverde
Rev. Jim Wallis